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Toy Boy 108

Iván suddenly makes travel plans. The arrival of a new commissioner surprises Zapata. Andrea receives an unexpected gift from his uncle Mateo.


Night Out

Night Out (2018), feature film by Stratos Tzitzis. Saturday night in Berlin; a bunch of friends go out to have fun. Others are also out exploring the city and their relationships. A colorful mix of singles, couples, heteros, homosexuals, poly-amorous. Different personalities, for different reasons, give a spectrum of contemporary approaches to nightlife. They go all the way, exceeding their limits. Their journey will lead them into the heart of a frenetic night where everything is allowed. But everything here is rather comical and our characters end up where they do due to a series of mishaps.


Shop Of Little Pleasures

Emma is an unemployed housewife, whose children have grown up and moved out. When she finds out that her husband is looking for his sexual awaking, by having an affair with another woman, Emma takes over a neon-lit sex-shop that she turns into an erotic boutique for women. This leads into an adventure with other women who are all looking for their own sexual awaking.

Paradise Falls 143

Bea's holdings are jeopardized. Yvonne and Shirley do some quick estate planning as Rose leaves for Italy. Pamela and Josh eat each other up. Brick and Rusty's s life take a turn for the worse. A new member of the Sinclair household turns on Michael.

Paradise Falls 144

Brick's blackmailer is exposed. Roxy finds out information on her real father. Clive makes Nick an offer he can't refuse.


The General 105

Otávio and Jacinta seem to be living a good life in Alenquer, until it turns out that Otávio has gotten himself into trouble. The police are now on his trail. The arrival of Beatriz, Jacinta's niece, makes the whole situation even more complicated. More and more is coming to light about Otávio's true identity.

Ser O No Ser 105

Joel and Ona's relationship continues progressing without him telling her that he's trans. He must face the moment of truth.

Ser O NO Ser 106

Joel is heartbroken after his breakup with Ona, who no longer wants to be with him - not because he's trans, but because he didn't come clean to her sooner.


F**king Adelaide106

After Maude's tragic death, Emma, Eli and Kitty are trying to come up with the perfect eulogy.


Jack is a homeless teenage prostitute with a smart mouth and impulsive tendencies. He battles through a violent world of reckless johns between New York City and Miami, desperately seeking a better life with his boyfriend Tom.