Gay couple in dept after surrogate mother refuses to give up twins

Two fathers from Baschurch, in the west of England, are in debt after a legal battle with the surrogate mother of their new-born children. The woman in question reportedly demanded extra money from the couple. When they refused to pay, she claimed that her current boyfriend is the father of the twins.
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Steven and Marc Winchester-Horscraft had their hopes set on expanding their family. After having a son through a surrogate mother in 2015, they decided to go for a another child in 2018. The couple was overjoyed after they found out that their surrogate was crying twins.  

However, plans did not ensue as they had hoped for. The surrogate mother gave birth while only being in her 28th week. The couple described seeing the new-born twins in an incubator as the start of a long, unbearable nightmare. 

While the babies were fighting for their lives, the men claim that the surrogate’s boyfriend came to their house demanding 3.000 pounds. The two fathers had already paid the surrogate 17.000 pounds. After refusing to pay the extra amount, Steven received a message from the surrogate mother saying that she would not put his name on the birth certificate and deny the couple parenthood over the two children.

A legal proceeding followed, in which the fathers said that the surrogate claimed that her boyfriend is the father of the children. She registered the twin babies under different names from the ones the two fathers had chosen. On top of that, the surrogate mother denied the couple access to the babies in the hospital.

The results of a DNA test showed that Steven is indeed the father, contrary to the mother’s claims. As of now, the babies are living with their two dads and are carrying the names that their fathers had initially chosen for them. But the road to bliss came with a great financial burden according to them. This is why the couple set up a Gofundme page in order to pay off their debts (legal fees, DNA test etc).

‘’We are both nurses and have spent our working lives caring for others. I guess I am just hoping for some help from others in order to get us out of this awful situation.’’ the couple writes on their donation page. ‘’Due to our surrogates actions we have not been able to enjoy the time we have had with our girls. Both having to try and work as much as we possibly can to break even and get us out of this downward spiral. I understand that the amount we are hoping for is most likely unrealistic, but we would be eternally grateful for any help at all.’’

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