Future Marvel film to include first transgender character

The Marvel film universe will soon be enriched with a transgender character, according to Kevin Feige, the head of the Marvel film studio. In the same interview, he also confirmed that the film is already in the making.
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In an interview during the New York Film Academy Guest Speaker Series, Feige was asked if Marvel is aspiring for a diverse range of characters, in specific transgender people. He replied: ‘Yes, absolutely yes. Very soon, in a movie we’re shooting right now.’

Feige did not mention about which film he was talking, but various media speculate that he was probably talking about The Eternals. That film is currently being shot, while Marvel already completed production for their other 2020 film Black Widow. On the other hand, there has already been speculation regarding a screen adaption of the trans character Sera, which occurs in the Thor comics. So it is not clear yet in which film we can expect Marvel’s first trans character.

It was already revealed that The Eternals would have a gay character. He is said to be married and to have children.

This isn’t the first time Marvel developed a trans superhero character. For the series The Marvel Heroes Project on streaming platform Disney+, Marvel made short comic stories about young "heroes" who are committed to positive social changes. One of the portrayed youngsters is trans activist "Mighty Rebecca".

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