American man killed and maimed on Grindr date

The gruesome murder of a young man from Michigan during a Grindr date on Christmas Eve made headlines in late December. Earlier this week, court documents revealed the horrifying details, including how the 25-year old was murdered and subsequently mutilated.
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Kevin Bacon (25) had arranged a Grindr date with the 50-year old Mark Latunski on Christmas Eve. When Bacon did not arrive for breakfast on Christmas morning, his family started worrying. Police officers found his car in a parking lot and eventually were able to find Bacon’s last location, which led to Latunksi’s home. Upon entering the house, they found Bacon’s naked body tied up and hanging from the ceiling by his ankles. The court documents reveal how Latunski stabbed the young victim in his back before slitting his throat. Afterwards, he reportedly cut off the victim’s testicles and ate them.  

Bacon’s parents expressed their grief and shock to local media, saying that their son ended up in a situation he was not prepared for. They understandable described hearing the details in court as ‘gut-wrenching’. His father emphasized that when one is using an app such as Grindr, it is important that you should let someone know where you are as a safety net.

Local network Wilx10 reported that Latunski had previously shown signs of disturbing behaviour on numerous occasions. One incident describes how a 29-year old man was seen running out of his house, wearing only a leather kilt. He reportedly screamed for help and had blood over his face while Latunski pursued him. On Wednesday, January 8th, a judge ruled that Latunski will be allowed to plead insanity. This resulted from the public defense highlighting his history with mental illness and his outlandish claims since being arrested.

Kevin Bacon’s burial took place on Friday, January 3rd. His mother expressed that, among many other things, she will miss how her son danced, his sassiness and his love for make-up and hair.

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