WATCH: Elderly gay men react to mean comments

Unfortunately, the Internet can seem filled with mean-spirited, nasty comments. The videos of these four elderly gay men are no exception to this. Together, the charming gentlemen read and react to some of the negative responses and the result is absolutely wonderful!

The four men handle the negative ‘’feedback’’ with a great sense of humor and provide numerous sassy comebacks. They also let us in on a few wise life lessons on numerous occasions.

Near the end of the video, they claim that they would have been offended by certain comments in their younger years, but cannot be bothered by them now: ‘’We’re satisfied in our skins’’, to which one of them continued ‘’Worse has happened to me than people’s comments’’. As one of the men beautifully said to the people behind the negative reactions: ‘’Just be happy. Why do you wanna hate and poison yourself?’’

Watch the video below!
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