Viktor Orbán will not attend European Championship match in Munich

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will not attend the football match between Germany and Hungary in Munich tonight. According to the German news agency DPA, he has cancelled his visit. The opt-out comes at a time when the city is planning to light up its buildings in rainbow colours in response to Hungary's new anti-gay propaganda law.
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The exact reason for Orbán’s cancellation is unknown. It supposedly has to do with certain private matters. Yet the timing is striking, as Hungary is under fire for the new anti-gay propaganda law. Several German cities have indicated that they want to illuminate large buildings in rainbow colours. The competition city of Munich also participates in this, although the UEFA football association does not allow the lighting of the stadium itself.

Orbán has responded to the commotion surrounding the law and the rainbow protests. He emphasized to DPA that the lighting of a stadium is "not a decision of a state". Moreover, he claims that "In communist Hungary, homosexual people were persecuted. Today, the state not only guarantees the rights of homosexuals, but also actively protects them. The freedom of the individual is the greatest good."

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