Turkish police break up Pride parade, 200 people arrested

Despite the ban on Pride events, hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Istanbul. At least two hundred participants were taken away in police vans.
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Local authorities had banned all Pride-related events due to "security concerns", but LGBT+ organizations say the Turkish government is deliberately thwarting all their activities.

Prohibition or not, hundreds of protesters set out on the route, where a huge police force had been lined up. Several metro stations in the area were even closed off.

The police ultimately chose to end the demonstration, in which at least 200 people were arrested, according to AFP news agency.

The last Pride successfully held in Istanbul was in 2014. Since then, the Turkish government has been doing everything it can to prevent the celebrations. It has become normal over the years for Turkish politicians to make anti-LGBT+ statements. President Erdogan himself is no exception.

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