Turkey: Children must stop drawing rainbows

An initiative by the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul to get children to draw rainbows has been criticized by the Turkish Ministry of Education. The action would be part of a conspiracy to "turn children gay."
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The Jerusalem Post writes this and news medium Al-Monitor reported that some schools have indeed discouraged their students from drawing rainbows.

The action to hang rainbows in front of the window is happening in several countries in order to keep the spirits high during the corona crisis. The initiative was sparked in Turkey by the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul.

According to the Jerusalem Post, religious leaders have reacted angrily to the rainbow drawings out of fear that these would "turn children gay."

The action follows recent negative statements about the LGBT+ community in the country. For example, the government supported an anti-gay speech by a high-ranking Imam. He preached that Islam condemns homosexuality. According to him, homosexuals are said to bring disease and decay within society.

When lawyers filed a complaint against this, they were subsequently charged themselves due to “insulting religious values”.

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