Turkey Bans Pride Celebrations

Just like last year, Pride celebrations are forbidden to take place in Istanbul. The authorities are banning the events for "security reasons".
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Activists had hoped to celebrate the event's thirtieth anniversary, despite the Turkish government's efforts in recent years to stop the annual events.

Two governors in the Istanbul region have banned parades and demonstrations, based on the law governing public order. But it doesn't stop there this time, "indoor" events related to Pride are also banned by the governors. According to the authorities, the measures are important for "public order" and to "prevent crime". The ban will be in effect until June 27, the end of Pride week in the Turkish city. 

The ban comes after Turkish authorities raided several locations of the Pride organization. The Istanbul Pride Week committee speaks of an "attack". The bans will not bring the organization down, the committee said in a press release.

The last Pride successfully held in Istanbul was in 2014. Since then, the Turkish government has been doing everything it can to prevent the celebrations. It has become normal over the years for Turkish politicians to make anti-LGBT+ statements. President Erdogan himself is no exception.

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