Transgender woman assaulted by group of boys in Amsterdam metro

A trans person was assaulted by three boys in an Amsterdam metro line last Saturday. According to an eyewitness, the woman feared that the boys were going to kill her, as reported by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.
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In the newspaper, the eyewitness described the incident. According to him, the woman got into the Metro "at high speed". "Then three young men in boys' clothes came in. They went after the transgender person and gave her a hard kick, after which the person tried to walk towards the driver. The three young men shouted at her. She was crying and spoke in the English that the trio wants to kill her. It was a terrible attack."

According to the eyewitness, the trans person was a refugee who was looking for a better life in the Netherlands.

Police arrested the suspects thanks to a bystander who identified them. The boys had scattered on the subway and covered their faces. However, according to De Telegraaf, the victim does not want to file a report. The newspaper says that contact is still being sought with Roze in Blauw, the police network that deals with LGBT+ cases.

It is the second case of anti-LGBT+ abuse in Amsterdam in a short time. After Easter, a video went viral, in which a gay couple were shouted at and spat upon by a group of young people. Pink in Blue emphasized that it is important for LGBT+ people to report this at the time. The number of reports of gay and transgender discrimination in the Netherlands has increased in the past year, after a number of years of decline.

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