Three Teenagers Arrested for Attack on Transgender Woman in Stockton

In Stockton, three teenagers have been arrested for assaulting a transgender woman with a knife. The police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.
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The suspects are 12, 14, and 16 years old. Last Tuesday, they allegedly stabbed a transgender woman in the leg with a knife-like object. The 20-year-old victim had a "deep wound," according to the police.

Assistant Chief Constable Richard Baker said in a statement: “Nobody should ever have to fear being targeted for simply being who they are. Physical violence against a person, or slurs made regarding a person’s gender identity, race, disability or any other difference, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our communities.”

The police hope that witnesses will come forward and are also looking for camera footage.

Hate crimes against the transgender community are on the rise in the United Kingdom. According to figures from the British Home Office, the number of these hate crimes increased by as much as eleven percent in the past year.

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