Three Men Arrested for Attempt to Murder Gay Younger Brother in Family ‘Honor Killing’

Tel Aviv: Three men arrested for attempted ‘’family honour killing’’ of gay teenager

Two older brothers of a gay teenager and a third accomplice have recently been indicted in Tel Aviv after being arrested for attempted murder of their younger brother in a family “honour killing” last month.
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Jewish Press reported shortly after the attack last month: “The attacker stabbed the 16-year-old boy in the chest and legs and fled the scene, in an apparent attempt at a family ‘’honour killing.’’ The attack took place outside of the Beit Dror Center, where the victim was living. The Beit Dror Center is a temporary shelter which provides living conditions for LGBT+  people who are endangered in their homes.

Israel National News reported: “The victim’s two brothers, ages 23 and 27, were charged Sunday with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the July 26th stabbing, along with aggravated assault and making threats, in connection with previous incidents.’’ The third suspect, 24-year-old Jamal Cnaani, was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder for his participation in the attack. ‘’According to the indictment, once the two older brothers had discovered that the victim was in a homosexual relationship with another youth, they threatened to murder him if he did not break off the relationship. The two older brothers also physically abused the victim, beating and kicking him, and in at least one instance, beat him to the point where he lost consciousness.” 

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