Queen Máxima visits historic gay bar San Francisco

During her working visit in San Francisco, the Dutch Queen Máxima paid a visit to Twin Peaks Tavern, a his-toric gay bar. There, the Queen spoke to other queens and the local LGBT+ community about acceptance and an inclusive society.
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The working visit to the United States brought the Queen to The Castro, the neighbourhood that is considered the heart of the LGBT+ community in San Francisco. There, the queen was received by several "colleague" queens. Among the drag queens who gave the Máxima a warm welcome were also two Dutchmen. The Queen was then received at Twin Peaks Tavern, a gay bar that caused a stir in the 1970s because it removed the window coverings so that everyone could see in from outside the bar.

“It was a big deal in 1972 because if you were seen in a gay bar you could lose your job. That's what made us an icon," Jeffrey Green, owner of the bar, told The San Francisco Standard. “I am honored to have the Queen here, and that she and the King are allies of the LGBTQ+ community around the world.”

“We think support for the LGBT+ community is very important,” said Queen Máxima after her visit. “We have to learn from each other what we are good at and what we are not good at. We need to make the world the same for everyone, so that everyone feels at home wherever they live.”

Although King Willem-Alexander was unable to attend due to pneumonia, Máxima assured those present that he too would have loved the visit.

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