Pope Refers to Gays in Vatican with Derogatory Term

According to Pope Francis, there is an "atmosphere of fagginess" in the Vatican. The Church leader reportedly made this statement behind closed doors, according to an Italian news agency. This remark marks the second incident in a short time where the Pope has used homophobic slurs.
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According to news agency ANSA, the Pope reportedly said in private that he believes homosexuals in the Vatican should not be invited to seminary training sessions. The Pope claimed there is an "atmosphere of fagginess" in the Vatican, which he is not a fan of. Despite acknowledging that homosexuals who wish to become priests are "good guys," the Pope believes they should first undertake a "spiritual journey" or see a psychologist. In his view, homosexuals are doomed to fail in the priesthood.

In response, the Vatican stated that the Pope, in the conversation, actually emphasised the welcoming nature of the Church towards homosexuals. However, the Vatican did not address the use of homophobic terms.

At the end of May, the Pope was already embarrassed when a conversation leaked in which he used a homophobic slur. At that time, the Vatican stated that the Pope "never intended to make an insult or to express himself in homophobic terms."

In recent years, Pope Francis has tried to make the Church more open to people from the LGBT+ community. Nevertheless, he has to navigate between progressive and conservative views within his Church. For instance, African bishops do not have to bless same-sex couples, a practice the Pope has advocated for.

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