Polish judge orders 4 Polish cities to abolish "LGBT+ free zone"

Four regions in Poland are no longer allowed to call themselves "LGBT+-free". This has been decided by the highest Polish court.
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The "LGBT-free" zone must be abolished in the cities of Istebna, Klwów, Osiek and Serniki. The Polish human rights ombudsman had brought the case against nine cities in the country. In four cases, the judge ruled in favour of the ombudsman after conservative organizations appealed a previous ruling condemning all nine regions.

The Polish organization Campaign Against Homophobia nevertheless celebrates the verdict. "The decision is a victory for democracy, human rights and human respect."

The ruling is a setback for the conservative movement in the country, which sees the LGBT+ movement as a threat to traditional Polish values. Many conservative regions declared themselves an "LGBT+ free zone" in 2019, sparking outrage in many European countries. The European Parliament and the European Commission therefore declared the EU an "LGBT+ freedom zone"

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