Oslo Gay Bar Shooter Receives 30-Year Prison Sentence

A 45-year-old Islamic State supporter has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting and killing two visitors at a gay bar in Oslo in 2022. Several other visitors were injured in the attack.
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The Norwegian, born in Iran, carried out the attack during Oslo Pride on June 25th, 2022. Before his attack in London Pub, a gay bar that was busy at the time in the Norwegian capital, he swore allegiance to the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS).

The IS supporter was therefore prosecuted for terrorism, for which he received the maximum prison sentence in Norway from the judge: 30 years. The court found it proven that the man intentionally sought to spread fear among the LGBT+ community. It is the first time someone in Norway has been convicted of terrorism since the law was amended in 2015 to include a higher maximum sentence.

If the man is still deemed a threat to society after his sentence, his imprisonment can be extended. The perpetrator is also required to financially support the victims' relatives. The amount totals nearly 10 million euros.

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