No, emphasizes Tunisia, we do not recognize same-sex marriage

At the beginning of this week, a Tunisian LGBT organization claimed that two men married in France were registered as partners in Tunisia. But the Tunisian Minister of Local Affairs now calls that claim "fake" and says it was an administrative error. According to the minister, gays are "deviations".
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The Jerusalem Post reports this. According to the newspaper, the minister even supports the death penalty for homosexuals.

LGBT + organization Sham, which released the news, says it is disappointed. Mounir Baatour, chairman of Sham, emphasizes that homosexuality in Tunisia is still punishable by imprisonment. "Yet gay marriage is now included in someone's birth certificate."

According to the organization, a marriage between two men in France was registered by the Tunisian authorities. Many media reported this milestone this week. Tunisia would then be the first Arab country to recognize same-sex marriage.

Now it turns out that, assuming the marriage was really registered, this was an administrative error. At least, according to the minister, Lotfi Zitoun. He emphasizes that registration of a same-sex marriage is illegal.

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