Mass arrest after ‘gay party’ in a hotel in Jakarta

In the Indonesian capital Jakarta, 56 men have been arrested who were present at a ‘gay party’ in a hotel. Nine of them, who are held responsible for organizing the party, risk a prison sentence of fifteen years.
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According to Indonesian media, the party was organized through a WhatsApp-group called ‘Hot Space Indonesia’ for homosexuals in Jakarta. The police claims gay parties have been organized through this group since 2008. About 150 people are a member of this group.

Last Wednesday, the police raided one of those organized parties and arrested 56 present men. In the hotel room, the police found condoms and sex toys among other things. Nine suspects are still in custody on suspicion of organizing the party. Indonesian media reports the police is making a reconstruction of the event.

Even though homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, human rights organizations have been sending out warnings for the hostile attitude from authorities against the LGBT+-community. The organizers of the party have been accused because of the legislation of pornography, The New York Times reports. Indonesia has a special police force that only focusses on LGBT+-activities. In addition, a bill leaked earlier this year which would criminalize homosexuality and S&M-related activities.

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