Hungary to enact law against ‘’LGBT propaganda’’

Following Russia's lead, Hungary will also implement a law banning LGBT+ propaganda: a measure that effectively silences the LGBT+ community. The political party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has written a bill to ensure that teaching about homosexuality and transgender people is banned in schools. Also, advertisements for people under the age of 18 must not contain references to the LGBT+ community. All this to “ensure the rights of the child”.
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The new law is another step in the fight of the ruling Hungarian party Fidez against the LGBT+ community. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán already abolished the legal recognition of trans people and made sure that gay couples can no longer adopt children.

The new legislation goes yet another one step further. Officially, the law is aimed at paedophilia, but the law actually ensures that minors get as little knowledge as possible about transgender people and homosexuality. In advertisements aimed at minors, expressions of the LGBT+ community are banned and teaching on such topics is no longer allowed in schools either. The law also includes “pornography”.

Activists warn that the law is suspiciously similar to Russia's anti-gay propaganda law. That law is also intended to limit expressions of homosexuality. According to LGBT+ activist and researcher Remy Bonny, it is difficult for LGBT+ people to campaign against the law, as it is promoted as a measure against paedophilia. “The democratic decline of the past ten years was actually a copy of what happened in Russia. LGBTI people are being used as scapegoats to dismantle democracy,” he says.

According to Bonny, the European Commission has contributed to this. “The silence and inaction against the Hungarian government's crimes against the LGBTI community have allowed Hungary to continue its fight against human rights and democracy.”

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