Hungary ends ban on blood donations by gay men

As a result of the coronacrisis, the discriminatory regulations regarding blood donations by gay and bisexual men are altered or completely scrapped in more and more countries. The ban on gay and bi men donating blood has also been lifted in Hungary. However, the abolition comes as a surprise to many because of the increasing anti-LGBT+ rhetoric from the Hungarian government.
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Gay Stars News reports this. The Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service said in a statement that it has chosen to remove "discrimination" within its policy. Now both gay and bisexual men are allowed to donate blood (provided their sexual behaviour is not considered ‘risky’).

However, it is not clear whether the change is related to the coronacrisis (which has been a major incentive in other countries to amend the rules). The new policy came to light after the organization published it in April. In their statement, the National Blood Transfusion Service backdated their policy on January 1, 2020, saying: ’’All discrimination based on the gender of the participants in the assessment of sexual relationships that are risky for transmission is eliminated.’’

The news could be considered as an unexpected move. Recently, the country received a significant amount of media attention in regard to new legislation that would legally prevent transgender people from changing their gender indication in identification documents. Since then, the UN and European politicians have put pressure on the Hungarian government to dismiss the new law.

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