Florida churchgoers must sign declaration against homosexuality

A church in Jacksonville, Florida, requires visitors to sign a statement disapproving of homosexuality. According to the pastor of the church, the city is "drowning" in "sexual sins". If Church members do not return the document signed, they will be denied entry.
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According to the document to be signed, a First Baptist Churchgoer disapproves of homosexuality and acknowledges that there are only two genders. The statement reads: “As a member of the First Baptist Church, I believe that God creates humans in His image as male or female, and that this creation is a settled matter of human biology, not of individual choice. I believe marriage was instituted by God, not the government. Marriage between one man and one woman is the only context for sexual desire and sexual expression.”

Pastor Heath Lambert feels compelled to take this step, as he seems to think that society does not accept his creed. "LGBT+ activists hate anyone who disagrees with them," said Lambert. According to the pastor, it is precisely his church that strives for connection and the propagation of love. But LGBT+ activists "don't want to be anywhere near us," he writes.

Still, other churches in the area are critical. A pastor at Jacksonville's Riverside Presbyterian Church tells local TV station Action News Jax, "We don’t think that anything other than faith in Christ should be what determines membership."

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