Far-right activists invade LGBT film screening in Hungary: "police just stood by and watched"

While a film about bullying behaviour against LGBT people was being shown in a community center in Budapest, a group of right-wing activists invaded the building to disrupt the event. The organization is furious with the police who, according to them, did nothing to stop the raid.
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According to Budapest Pride, activists from the "Our Nation" group came in with banners that said no tolerance and stop LGBT propaganda. Their aim was also to grab the laptop and projector used to show the film. They also threatened participants by saying that they would beat them up.

The police were summoned, but when the police arrived, no action was taken according to the organization: "they were there and just stood by and watched". The human rights organization Helsinki Committee has filed a complaint about the police. Apparently, the agents only intervened when those present in the community center threw a bowl of yogurt over one of the banners.

The community center has often suffered from extremist groups. The group that invaded the film night has also tried to disrupt other pride events.

The raid fits within a sentiment in Hungary that fears Budapest Pride. According to the organization, the governing party of President Viktor Orbán is looking for "a new enemy of the state", now that the refugee crisis has reached its peak. Last August, the ruling party called for a boycott of Coca Cola because of an advertising campaign with gay couples.

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