European Commission launches criminal proceedings against Hungary and Poland

"LGBT+ free zones" and a "gay propaganda law" have no place in the European Union, says the European Commission. That is why criminal proceedings have been launched against Poland and Hungary. This will lead to both countries having to appear before the European Court of Justice.
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The oppression of the LGBT+ community has been going on in both countries for years. Issues like adoption for same-sex couples, the recognition of transgender people and peaceful Pride demonstrations are on the chopping block. In Poland, "LGBT+ free zones" drew international criticism and recently Hungary took a beating in the European Council of Heads of Government over a law banning the display of LGBT+ expressions to children.

These are the last two examples on which the European Commission bases its procedure. "Europe will never allow parts of our society to be stigmatised," the Commission said in a press release.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has regularly complained about the oppression of LGBT+ people in Hungary and Poland, but now the Commission seems to be sticking to its word. The Commission is taking this step after strong criticism of Poland and Hungary from several heads of government.

Both countries have two months to respond to the procedure.

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