Colombian capital Bogotá elects first female and openly gay mayor

Bogotá has a new mayor: Claudia López. She is the first openly gay and the first female mayor of the city. The 49 year-old lawmaker won with just a slight difference from her liberal opponent. López is one of the few openly gay politicians of the South American country and she is the first openly LGBT mayor of a South American capital.
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The former journalist is part of the Green Alliance party. She has been a senator for this party in the past. Her new position, mayor of Bogotá, is considered as one of the most important political positions in Colombia. López mainly campaigned against corruption and even called herself “incorruptible”.

“This is the day of the woman!” she said in her victory speech. “We knew that only by uniting could we win. We did that. We united, we won and we made history!” On Twitter, she added that her victory was a “day of girls, young people, women, families like yours and mine!”.

López’ wife, Angélica Lozano, was the first openly gay senator of Colombia. She is a member of the Green Alliance, just like her partner. In 2014, the two got involved in a scandal. They were both members of the senate, but it is forbidden for senators to have a relationship. Ironically, due to same-sex marriage not being legal at that time in Colombia, the charges were dropped.

Multiple media report that the nationwide local elections were the most peaceful ones in years. However seven candidates were killed and a dozen were attacked, the BBC reports.

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