Anti-LGBT party Vox doubles number of seats in Spanish parliament, socialists remain biggest party

The right-wing populist party Vox is the big winner of the Spanish general elections last Sunday. The party managed to double their amount of seats: they went from 24 to 52 out of the 350. Vox is known for its aversion to the Catalonian independence movement, abortion and same-sex marriage. The socialist party (PSOE) remains the biggest party, but doesn't have a majority.
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Last Sunday’s elections were the fourth in four years, in an attempt to solve the political gridlock in the country. Both the left-wing as well as the right-wing bloc didn’t receive a majority, which will make it difficult to end the political impasse.

The growth of the right-wing populist party Vox is remarkable, since the party won 24 seats in April’s elections. The party is against same-sex marriage, while Spain was the third country in the world to legalize it in 2005, after the Netherlands and Belgium. The party however, is in favour of a civil partnership but frequently opposes LGBT+ symbols. The party for example expressed to be against the ‘expansion’ of Pride events and government funding of these activities. Vox is also against child adoption for same-sex couples and pleaded to remove the name of an LGBT+ rights activist on a square in Madrid.

The current prime minister Pedro Sánchez, who saw his party lose 3 seats (they now have 120), called for the other parties to unify. “One way or another we’ll form a progressive government and unblock the political deadlock. We call upon all the political parties, except for those that work against coexistence and foster hatred,” Sanchez said, according to Reuters.

Party leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, was congratulated by several other European right-wing party leaders, such as the French Marine Le Pen, who praised his “impressive opposition work”. The Dutch politician Geert Wilders posted a picture of him with Abascal, congratulating him and his party.

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