US House of Representatives to vote for legal gay marriage

The right to marry a person of the same sex, if it is up to the House of Representatives, will become legal in the US by law. Now that right has been obtained through a court decision, but since the reversal of abortion law, it is feared that such rights are also on the chopping block.
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A large majority of the House voted to legalize same-sex marriage, including 47 Republicans. The law is not yet in force; it is now up to the Senate. There the relations between Republicans and Democrats are equal. Vice President Kamala Harris would then give the casting vote, if it comes to a vote. It takes 60 out of 100 senators to vote on the bill.

It is not clear what Republican senators think of the law. More and more Republican states are enacting anti-LGBT+ laws. In Texas, there are even voices to challenge same-sex marriage in the Supreme Court.

That Court is now largely conservative, as a result of which the right to abortion was previously reversed. Since same-sex marriage is regulated in a similar way, it is feared by LGBT+ people that same-sex marriage will suffer the same fate. A national law legalizing same-sex marriage overrides the Court.

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