This is what Giorgia Meloni thinks about LGBT+ rights

She is likely to be Italy's new prime minister: "Christian Mother" Giorgia Meloni. She promises her voter to defend "traditional family values" and she is seen smiling in a photo with Viktor Orbán. It is safe to assess that the radical right-wing Meloni is not greatest supporter of LGBT+ rights.
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Meloni's ideas about the LGBT+ community are most evident in her speech at an event organized by Spain's radical right-wing party VOX. “Yes to natural families, no to the LGBT+ lobby. Yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology.”

Meloni has publicly opposed surrogacy and adoption by same-sex couples. Although she also emphasizes not being homophobic, she believes that the child would be better raised by a man and a woman. A party official labelled same-sex couples' families as "abnormal". According to him, gay couples are not even "allowed", despite a 2016 law that allows partner registration. Meloni also wants absolutely nothing to do with gender identities and emancipation for trans people.

"We hoped the country would move forward," Alessia Crocini, president of Family Arcobaleno, an association for rainbow families, told the New York Times. "But we are entering a dark period."

The views of Meloni and her party, the Brothers of Italy, fit in with a conservative current that often crops up in the Western world. In the United States, where the Republican party is fighting "wokism" and transgender rights, in Hungary, where an anti-LGBT+ propaganda law has been passed.

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