Texas: Legislators want to label transgender care as "child abuse"

A new bill in the US state of Texas is attacking transgender care for minors, classifying this as "child abuse". Bars where drag queens perform are also affected by a new law: they will now have to apply for a "sexually oriented business" permit.
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The new parliamentary year has not officially started yet, but Republicans in Texas want to get off to a flying start. Conservative state legislators have introduced two anti-LGBT+ bills.

The first is about transgender care. Under that new law, healthcare for children with gender dysphoria, such as puberty suppressants or hormone treatments, is labelled "child abuse," NBC News reports.

The other law focuses on drag queens. Any company that has any involvement with a drag queen performing, reading or any other activity must apply for a "sexually oriented business" license. This means that a company can face hefty fines if anyone under the age of 18 sets even one foot inside. In addition, a minimum entrance fee of five dollars must be paid.

Currently, a sexually oriented business is still an enterprise where at least two people perform naked.

Both laws are a continuation of Republican policy. The governor has previously tried to limit transgender care for minors, but his policy has been hampered by numerous lawsuits. Outrage about drag queens is also a recurring theme in Texas. Parliamentarians have already tried to make performing in front of children a criminal offense.

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