Study: only 16% of the world allows adoption by gay parents

A new study has shown that only 16 percent of the world allows same-sex couples to adopt children. This translates to 27 countries out of 169 countries in the world.
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Over a period of 10 years this has risen from 4% to 16%. However, there is still a long way to go and new data from RedLetterDays show that 27 out of 169 countries allow same-sex couples to adopt, meaning that 142 do not.

Of the 51 countries in Europe, only 16 countries allow gay couples to adopt a child (meaning that it is illegal in the remaining 35 countries). These 35 countries include Russia, Poland and Greece. It is also not permitted outside of Europe in countries such as Thailand, Japan and the Philippines. Remarkably, countries where same-sex marriage and partnership are legalized do not all provide equal adoption rights. This is the case in Chile, Mexico and Taiwan, among other things, the study found.

Although the percentage is still small, 10 years ago only 4% percent of the world accepted adoption of a child by same-sex parents: South Africa, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.


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