School assigns students to write homophobic letter

A Kentucky school has instructed students to write a letter to a "gay friend". In that letter, students must disapprove of the sexual orientation and convince the friend to become straight again.
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The assignment is causing a lot of commotion online. Screenshots of the demands for the letter are shared on Twitter. It can be read that the students have to process values from the Bible in order to convince the friend, whom they have known since kindergarten, that homosexuality is wrong.

The letter should make it clear that "God's design is good for them, that homosexuality will not satisfy them, that you love that person even if you don't approve of their lifestyle."

The school defends the assignment to local media. “The Christian Academy of Louisville is a Christian private school for families desiring a Christ-centred learning environment.” A spokesperson says the school believes that "God created the marriage covenant that is between one man and one woman" and that "any other form of sexual expression goes against God's design."

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