Russian ‘Cossacks’ on the hunt for LGBT+-activists

During the Pride Week in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, the hunt on the LGBT+-community has opened. Dozens of men in military uniforms patrolled through the city in order to stop ‘gay propaganda’, The Moscow Times reports.
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The Cossacks – a traditional military community in Russia – arrested a student because of the way he dressed. ‘’Why are you dressed like that? Are you one of them?’’, the men asked the 19-year old Alexander Zinovjev. When Zinovjev asked why he got approached, the men in military uniforms answered: ``We monitor homosexual propaganda among citizens’’. Approximately fifty Cossacks have been spotted around the city, some in uniform, some in civilian clothing.

Pride Week had just started in the city, but because of the notorious law from 2013, ‘propaganda about LGBT+’ has been prohibited. Hereby, Pride Week in Yekaterinburg, which was organized in the form of a week-long festival, had been cancelled. Prosecutors have warned the organizers of the festival to extradite themselves to law enforcement. If the organizers do this, they can be detained or even deported.

Opponents of the "LGBT+-mindset" have organized a "Week for Traditional Values" in the city, which is supported by the city's mayor.


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