Rainbow casket for deceased Nigel Shelby

On April 19th, the 15-year old Nigel Shelby took his own life after being bullied due to his homosexuality. His story went viral and past weekend he was buried in a rainbow themed casket, thanks to many donations.
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A GoFundMe was organized in order to support Shelby’s parent financially regarding the burial costs. While $ 10.000 was the objective, this goal was surpassed with the final amount of $39.773 (€35.526) in twelve days. Celebrities like Janelle Monáe and Gabrielle Union contributed as well.

Shelby’s loved ones used the money to arrange a very special farewell: his casket was decorated with multiple pictures of the deceased teenager, pastel rainbow colours and butterflies. Family members were also seen wearing Pride colours to honour Nigel.

His mother, Camika Shelby, said the following: ‘‘I don’t want him to be remembered as a kid who was bullied for being gay and who took his own life. He was so much more than that.’’ According to the obituary, Shelby loved theatre and history, and wanted to become an activist for the LGBT+ community.


Source: Gay Star News
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