Prime Minister of Fiji will never accept same-sex marriage

The Prime Minister of Fiji has said that while his government has the power, the country will never accept same-sex marriage. Back in 2016 he already said that all LGBTI people in Fiji should move to Iceland with no return.
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Last Monday Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said that there were rumours about churches registering same-sex marriages, on which he said this should not happen. He also said that Fiji is a godly country that will never accept same-sex marriage.

His party, Fiji First, would not allow same-sex marriage, despite the fact that homosexuality has been legal in the country. It was the second country in the world to anchor the rights of LGBTI people in its constitution. Yet LGBTI people are still confronted with discrimination and violence in the country.

In 2012, the police cancelled a previously approved Pride March at the last minute because the police "didn't realize that this was a march for gays and lesbians." But last year the police promised to get serious about LGBT abuse in the country, after two transgender people were murdered within a year.
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