Police raids Ukrainian gay club

According to several witnesses, a gay club in Ukraine was violently raided by the police. Multiple witnesses spoke of homophobic handling by the police officers.
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Eyewitnesses claim that the officers acted hostile and homophobic, and repeatedly insulted the club visitors. Some said the police also forced two foreigners to sing the Ukrainian national anthem. The club owners and several visitors filed a complaint regarding the illegal actions by the officers at the police station of Soborné in Dnipro.

The official website of the Dnipro police published a statement for the raid. According to them, the raid was because of an investigation based on Part 2 of Article 302 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine which criminalizes the creation and the management of brothels and trading in prostitution.

The article did not mention any alleged anti-gay behaviour during the raid. They did confirm that equipment, laptops, mobile phones and even condoms were removed.

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