Pete Buttigieg's husband cancels fundraising event in gay bar because of a dancer pole

The husband of the American presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has cancelled a fundraising event in a gay bar. The bar refused to remove their dancer pole after the potential First Gentleman allegedly deemed the pole too “inappropriate” for the event.
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The bar, The Dark Lady in the state of Rhode Island, immediately put up a Facebook post after the Buttigieg campaign’s cancellation saying: “We guess this is what the gay candidate does to the gay community!” Buck Aspirino, the owner of the bar, elaborated in an interview with local TV station WPRI: “They asked us to remove the dancer pole, which has been here since we’ve opened…and it’s not going anywhere. We were shocked because we had sent pictures of the club…they knew exactly what the place looked like.”

Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, was supposed to go to the bar for the fundraiser after he went to a campaign event in a nearby hotel. According to Aspirino, the event in his bar was cancelled when he refused to remove the dancer pole. 

The Buttigieg campaign neither confirmed nor denied the bar’s accusations. “Pete and Chasten know first-hand how important it is for members of the LGBT+ community to have a safe space to gather and our campaign would never do anything to intentionally disrespect such a space.”

Aspirino nevertheless thinks it’s a pity the campaign moved the fundraiser to a “straight venue” instead of an LGBT+ one. Adding: “To be an openly gay candidate for president, I would think they would want to show support for their own community. The dancer pole is part of who we are ─ if you want to dance on a pole, we’re the place to be.”

Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay presidential candidate of the United States. To know more about him, read this article.



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