NYC drag queen aims for seat in city council

A drag queen in office? The New York City council may actually become this 'sickening'! A prominent drag queen is aiming for an elected seat, which would be the first time that a drag artist earns a spot in a city council.
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The name of this queen is Marti Gould Cummings who is active in the New York drag scene. You may recognize the 32-year old Cummings from the reality series Shade: Queens of NYC. Cummings already played a significant part of the New York mayor’s Nightlife Advisory Board. But now, they hope to earn a spot ‘in office’. The plans Cummings has for the Big Apple are still unknown and their campaign website is also quite empty. Nevertheless, they already released a campaign video!


In this video, Cummings says “politics should be for everyone”. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to represent the city. “Activism and politics starts with you, the people on the local level. When I go into city hall as your City Council member, the voice I’m taking with me is your voice. This is somebody who is going to get things done for you. I’m going to listen to you and I’m going to work for you.”

Cummings has been living in New York for 13 years, since moving there at the age of 17 to pursue a career in the art world.

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