Mike Huckabee: LGBT people are the biggest threat to America

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said that LGBT + people are the "biggest threat" to the US in an interview.
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Huckabee, father of Donald Trump's press secretary (Sarah Huckabee), claimed that gender and sexual identity are the "greatest threat" to the moral value of the US. He spoke about this in an interview with The Christian Post.

‘’The biggest threat to biblical principles today is the failure to apply a biblical standard of maleness and femaleness. The gender dysphoria we’re seeing today is largely due to the fact that the Church has failed to present very clearly the words of Jesus and Genesis 5:2: ‘Male and female He created them’’.

Huckabee previously labelled same-sex parenting as ‘destructive’ and claimed in 2015: “Conferring a moral and legal equivalency to any relationship other than marriage between a man and a woman, by legislative or judicial fiat, sends the message that children do not need a mother and a father.’’
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