Man threatens to blow up Starbucks after contact with gay barista

A man from California threatened to blow up a Starbucks shop after a gay barista helped him. He received a prison sentence of nine months.
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Vincent O'Sullivan from Guerneville, California, went to get a drink at a local Starbucks and when the barista, Hank Dixon Myers, started a conversation with the man, O'Sullivan allegedly threw homophobic slurs at him.

The man also shouted that he was building bombs to blow up the Starbucks, the barista and the office station. O'Sullivan was arrested the same day. This incident came a few months after he had served his four-month jail sentence for continuously stealing pride flags from the town square.

According to SFGate, O'Sullivan was sentenced to nine months in prison with a probation period of three years, although it was previously reported that he would be imprisoned for atleast three to six years.
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