LGBT+ activists arrested in Russia

On April 12th, the international ‘’Day of Silence’’ took place on which people keep their mouths shut for 12 hours in order to spread awareness regarding the intimidation, bullying and silencing of the LGBT+ community. Apparently 11 people who partook in this protest were arrested in Russia.
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Russian activists were walking in the direction of the Chruch of the Saviour with their mouths covered up with red tape. According to the organisers around 40 to 50 people participated in the protest. This is when the police started making arrests.

Daniel Maksimenko is one of the protesters who was taken into custody by the Russian police. He spoke to reporters from a local news site and said that about 11 people were arrested. “The police are going to detain everyone who walked with their mouths sealed. I heard what they said,” said Maksimenko.

Russia has garnered a reputation of being hostile to the LGBT+ community. In 2013, the country implemented a ''gay propaganda'' law. This law prohibits the propaganda of ‘’non-traditional sexual relationships’’ aimed at minors. Since then, the hate crimes against LGBT+ people have doubled in the country
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