“Karma”: homophobes’ boat explodes after giving the finger

Passengers on a boat in Washington State were forced to take a dive after their vessel caught fire. This happened right after allegedly harassing other sailors who had a rainbow flag. To make things even more embarrassing: they had to be rescued from the water by the same people they were mocking before.
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A viral video of the situation is spreading all over social media. We can see how a trio aggressively circles around a boat which had a pride flag flying. A woman sunbathing on the back of the boat is seen flipping them off. According to one of the passengers on the boat with the pride flag, who was interviewed by Buzzfeed but wants to remain anonymous under the name Robbie, the behaviour of the aggressors caused excessive waves.

Not that much later, fate calls upon the trio. A big fire is to be seen burning on their boat. They have now taken refuge in the water and swim to the boat with the pride flag to be rescued.

“Karma is real,” Robbie writes on Twitter, where he also posted the video of the situation. That video is now being shared all over social media. Robbie thinks the reckless behaviour of the trio eventually caused the fire, he writes on Twitter.

When the trio was safely out of the water, they didn’t even thank the others. “No gratitude, no apologies, nothing. They just sat there waiting until their friends came to save them. The woman was constantly screaming hysterically,” he writes on Twitter.

Buzzfeed reports local authorities have recently started an investigation. The sheriff of the area would have confirmed that the incident took place.

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