India: Lesbian seeks gender change in order to marry her girlfriend

A 31-year old woman from Mumbai, India, wishes to undergo a gender reassignment surgery in order to legally marry her girlfriend and eventually start a family. While the country decriminalized gay sex last year, it is still not permitted for same-sex couples to get married.
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‘’If I became a man, I could marry my girlfriend and we could have a child in future.’’

The woman approached the country’s first gender reassignment center to become a man. However, Dr. Rajat Kapoor declined her request: ‘’We need to see if there is a man in the body of a woman. If it is only for love, we don’t perform the operation, as love is a temporary feeling.’’

In September 2018, the LGBT+ community in India celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling that Section 377 of the Penal Code was unconstitutional. Section 377 made gay sex punishable with a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. Still, a large portion of citizens in India are anti-LGBTI and same-sex couples are not granted any legal of societal recognition. Same-sex couples still face numerous obstacles while adopting a child in India.


(Gay Star News)


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