Guatemala bans same-sex marriage

Guatemala has passed a very conservative law that explicitly bans same-sex marriage and severely restricts the teaching of LGBT+ issues in schools. The law aims to "protect lives and families" and also increases penalties for abortion.
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According to the authors of the law, it should "protect society against minorities", which they believe are causing the decline of society. The Guardian newspaper quotes a MP as talking about protecting "heterosexual people who have no interest in diversity".

Same-sex marriage is already illegal in the Central American country, but the new law makes it even more difficult to change this. LGBT+ topics will also become taboo in schools. The law prohibits "promoting policies or programs to children and teens that distract from their sexual identity at birth."

Critics and LGBT+ activists are not happy with the law and call it discriminatory. “The adoption of this dangerous initiative threatens the rights of women and LGBT+ people in the country,” said Cristian González of Human Rights Watch.

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