French gay couple threatened by neighbours: "gays are the first to be infected with COVID-19"

A gay couple in Marseille, France, has been urged by one of the neighbours to leave the building, as gays would be the first to catch COVID-19. The anonymous neighbour left a note warning the couple. The French police are investigating the message.
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TÊTU reports that David’s (33 years old) boyfriend discovered the note under his windshield wiper, which said: “Would you please leave the building? Because we know that you homosexuals are the first to be infected with Covid-19,”

The men took the note to the local police station, where it was deemed as ‘’a warning" and not a threat. The couple had to file a regular report.

"I think this person has no intelligence and no education," David said in response to the incident. “I think this person is definitely religious and really believes what he says. To write down this mess you have to believe in it.” Several religious leaders have indeed linked Covid-19 to the LGBT+ community, but the motive behind the writer of the note is still unknown.

David, a hospital nurse, says he has never experienced homophobia. “This incident affects me double, because I am a nurse and gay. I understand it can be difficult to be locked up in your house. I think there are certainly some who will "snap" a bit," says David, referring to the author of the note.

After the threat, David said he started to look more over his shoulder. “I am curious what the next step will be. Are they going to smash my car? Are they going to wait for me downstairs?”

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