Florida: Trans woman in life-threatening condition after she was dragged behind a car

In the American state of Florida, a man tied a trans female with her feet at the bumper of a car. He then drove two blocks, with her being dragged behind the vehicle. A 34-year-old suspect, shown in the picture, has been arrested for attempted murder.
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According to the police of Jacksonville, the woman was found Friday morning with serious injuries. Local sources tell multiple American media that it concerns is a transgender woman. The police says she “appeared to have been beaten severely, as well as dragged behind a vehicle”. They suspect the offender drove two blocks, with the woman hanging behind his car. The victim has been brought to the hospital and her condition continues to be life-threatening. Her identity has not been made public.

The suspect, the 34-year-old Eric Shaun Bridges, has been arrested for attempted murder. The police said that they have a video recording of the felony. “The video was so graphic we can’t release it. It’s horrendous,” Assistant Chief Brien Kee told The Florida Times-Union.

Last year, four trans woman have been murdered in Jacksonville.  “The trans community don't feel safe with all these murders that have been happening here,” Paige Mahogany Parks, head of the Jacksonville-based Transgender Awareness Project, told NBC News. The city has been labelled as the “trans murder capital” of the US.

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