The Eurovision Song Contest, which was supposed to be held in Rotterdam upcoming May, is officially cancelled and it is not yet known when it will take place in the future. That is what the organization of European public broadcasters EBU announced today. The reason behind the cancellation of the festival is the uncertainty surrounding the new corona virus, which has been holding Europe in its grip for weeks.
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Cancelling the Song Contest is a rigorous step that the organization had to take, but was one of the expected possibilities. Since the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Europe, there was uncertainty about the feasibility of the festival in Rotterdam. One of the other options was a so-called stream-in, whereby video connections would be switched to the participating countries. The artists would then perform in a national studio. Another option was not to allow the audience to live shows.

According to the EBU, broadcasters and the municipality of Rotterdam, the most logical scenario is that the Song Festival will be held in Rotterdam at a later date. Although Rotterdam is prepared to resume its role as a host city in 2021, no guarantees can be given as of yet.

View the full EBU statement below.

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