Employee wins lawsuit after discrimination regarding sexuality

After a British, lesbian manager was ordered to keep her sexuality hidden at work, she received a significant sum of money as the result of a lawsuit.
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Ashley McMahon informed her manager regarding her sexuality shortly after being hired at Lancashire, textile company Redwood in May 2017. Her boss Darren Pilling instructed her to keep her sexuality to herself, because the owner of the company, Brian Atherton, is ‘old school’. Pilling also claimed that there were no other gay employees within the company. She was fired in December 2017 due to cutbacks within the firm and that was when she took her case to the courts.

A judge in Liverpool awarded her £9,000 (€10,500) due to discrimination and mental damage: ‘’The judgment of the Tribunal is that the claimant is awarded by way of remedy following its earlier decision that she was directly discriminated against on the grounds of her sexuality the sum of £8,000 in the form of an injury to feelings award, to which sum an amount of £1,244.93 was added by way of interest.’’
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