Cameroonian President's Daughter Comes Out as Lesbian

The daughter of Cameroonian President Paul Biya has come out as a lesbian. She hopes that by revealing her sexual orientation, she can support the Cameroonian LGBT+ community. In the African country, homosexuality is criminalised, a law she hopes will be repealed.
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A week ago, she posted an Instagram message in which she is seen kissing Brazilian model Layyons Valença. She captioned it: “I’m crazy about you, and I want the world to know!” The president’s daughter does not live in the country governed by her 91-year-old father Paul Biya for over forty years, but in Switzerland.

With her coming out, Brenda hopes to bring change to the societal position of Cameroonian LGBT+ people. In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, she says: "There are plenty of people in the same situation as me who suffer because of who they are," she said. "If I can give them hope, help them feel less alone, if I can send love, I'm happy."

Her family is not pleased with her message, Brenda says. The first person who called was her brother, who was angry that she had not told him first. Her parents then called to demand that she take the photo offline. "Since then, there has been silence," the president's daughter concludes.

In Cameroon, homosexuality is punishable by up to five years in prison. In recent years, violence against LGBT+ people has increased, reports Human Rights Watch. A group opposed to homosexuality has filed a complaint against Brenda, according to the BBC. “No one is above the law,” says a spokesperson for this group.

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