Bohemian Rhapsody censured in China

The Queen biopic has been released in Chinese theatres since a few days ago. However, the theatrical version in China is missing some crucial LGBT+ moments. 
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While the insanely successful film received criticism for the erasure Mercury’s bisexuality and the alleged negative connotations in representing the LGBT+ community, it seems that the Chinese release barely even shows the LGBT+ moments in the film. Over two minutes have been cut from the film for the Chinese public.

Scenes such as the coming-out conversation between Mercury and Marie, and multiple gay kissing moments have disappeared from the film. Also, the word ‘gay’ has either been removed or translated differently in the subtitles. Notably, the scene where the band is shooting the music video for I Want To Break Free (in which they are wearing women’s clothes) has also been cut.

Mercury’s coming out to his parents, which he does by holding his partner’s (Jim Hutton) hand, is still in the Chinese release. Hutton’s character however, comes rather unexpected as their first encounter has also been removed from the film.


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