A spin-off for Modern Family's gay dads?

One of the most famous gay TV couples may get its own spin-off: the fathers Mitch and Cam from 'Modern Family'. One of the creators of the show said in an interview that it is "being thought about".
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The last episode of Modern Family aired this week. It became one of the most beloved sitcoms in recent years. After 11 seasons, the curtain closes for the series, but perhaps not for the popular Mitch and Cam.

The couple, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet may get their own spin-off. One of the creators of the series, Steve Levitan, speculated about this in an interview with Deadline. “I think that there are a couple of writers who are thinking about well, is there a Mitch and Cam spinoff, but they’re literally just thinking about it.” Levitan himself likes the idea, although he is not involved in it: “those characters are of course near and dear to me, and I certainly think that they’re strong enough to carry a show. 

In the last episode of Modern Family, Mitch and Cam move to Missouri, in which the writer does see plenty of opportunities for some new storylines.

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