LGBTQ+ community stands with Ukraine to win Eurovision 2022

The viewers of the LGBTQ+ TV network OUTtv (broadcasting in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Israel) have voted that Ukraine should win the Eurovision Song Contest this year, which means that Kalush Orchestra is the recipient of the annual OUTmusic Award.
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OUTtv states: "All Eurovision participants are deserving winners of course. Still, "Stefania" stands out in many ways. Not only in sound. While frontman Oleh wrote the song about his mother, quickly it achieved a whole new meaning right after the war begun: many people interpreted the song as "mother Ukraine". Especially with Mother's Day today, Sunday May 8th, it will certainly make many of us think about real priorities in life such as love, peace, tolerance and care. The LGBTQ+ community and our viewers in Europe understand the importance of these life values. Therefore the award is certainly to show moral support as well. Eurovision is meant to bring Europe together, and this is something we should never forget. We've got to stand by people in need. We stand with Ukraine."

Watch the full interview with Kalush Orchestra in an all new episode of ‘Krista’s Road to Eurovision’ season 2, this Wednesday on OUTtv. Check for availability and your local airtime.

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